2022 marks five years since the highly anticipated launch of Same Day ACH (SDA). In that time, incremental rule changes providing more delivery windows and higher dollar limits (like the increase to $1 million per payment effective 3/18/22) have facilitated the expansion of supported use cases. The Center for Payments and Nacha are conducting a brief survey to better understand:

·      Strategic positioning of SDA within financial institutions
·      Focus and opportunities of SDA risk management
·      Current and future SDA use cases

The week of February 14, 2022, Payments Associations are contacting their member primary contacts requesting their response to the brief survey by February 28. Only one response should be submitted per organization. An Excel document can be downloaded from the survey tool to facilitate the coordination of a single response. 

Preliminary findings will be discussed at Nacha’s Smarter Faster Payments 2022 conference held May 1-4 in Nashville. Responding institutions will receive a personalized Company Performance Report to easily compare their organization’s survey results to those of their peers.  Please contact your Payments Association with any questions.

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