The Center for Payments™ is a joint program sponsored by eleven payments associations for the purpose of helping members and staff better prepare for the continued evolution in U.S. payment systems. The mission of the Center for Payments is to advance the payments industry as a united voice through market intelligence and thought leadership. This program further enhances the value of membership in the participating associations.

Current participants in the program include: ePayResources, EPCOR, MACHA, NEACH, PaymentsFirst, SHAZAM, Southern Financial Exchange, The Clearing House Payments Authority, UMACHA, WACHA, and WesPay.  These associations represent over 10,000 financial institution members, businesses and stakeholders with an interest in U.S. payment systems.

 Market Intelligence

Payments industry insight is critical to all financial institutions, regardless of size or capability. The eleven payments associations that sponsor the Center for Payments together have nationwide reach and the ability to gather insights about our members’ evolving payments needs in order to provide them with access to the actionable data needed to improve and grow their payments capabilities.

2019 Payments Strategy Study

As the industry continues to adopt faster payments, how are small to midsize financial institutions integrating payments innovation and change into strategic planning? This study conducted by the Center for Payments surveyed payment systems participants from across the United States to find out how organizations are approaching payments strategy.

Results coming soon!

 Strategic Relationships

The eleven associations sponsoring the Center for Payments have over 40 years’ experience supporting the evolution of the U.S. payment systems by providing guidance to the industry, and by partnering with rule makers, regulators and other industry partners. All eleven associations are individual members or supporters of NACHA, ECCHO and the Faster Payments Council and participate in the rule making processes of those organizations. The associations are also actively engaged in other industry development activities led by The Clearing House, Federal Reserve Financial Services, regulators and other industry partners.




Payments Associations

Support & Expertise in All Payments Networks

Payments associations share a common goal of improving U.S. payment systems quality through industry representation, education and support. Payments associations are staffed with accredited payment systems experts including Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs), Accredited Payments Risk Professionals (APRPs), National Check Professionals (NCPs) and fraud and risk professionals dedicated to providing training and guidance for faster payments, rules, regulations and U.S. law related to the ACH, check, card, image, wire and emerging payment systems.

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